We are honored to pass along on this page,  some first hand experiences and referrals from a small sampling of the clients that we have been given the opportunity to work for....We are a referral-based business, and are very appreciative of the time given to write these, and we look forward to helping Arizona families and estates in the future.
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Patti Saathoff Phoenix, AZ

You really did a great job handling my mom’s estate. I was really impressed by your willingness to bring in some other experts to ensure you priced some items at the best rate. You obviously know a lot of antiques buyers and other collectors to have sold so much of my mom’s things. I love that you even called your contact in Texas and they bought, sight unseen, items you described to them over the phone. Thank you for all your help, and I sincerely hope you get some additional business as a result of my letter. 

Gregg Clarke Gibbons Tempe, AZ

Mr. Jim Friend of Fine Estates recently conducted an estate sale for a member of my family. Having never had to previously retain such a company, I did not quite know what to expect. Fortunately, I was very impressed with the professionalism and integrity with which Mr. Friend ran the estate sale. I was particularly impressed with the smoothness of the sale, the amounts received by Mr. Friend for the assets of the estate, and the prompt payment of the funds received for the sale. I can highly recommend Fine Estates and Mr. Friend to conduct an estate sale should the need arise for a family.

Larry Morgenstern, M.D. Scottsdale, AZ

I want to thank you for the exceptionally efficient and effective manner in which you helped me with the liquidation of the automobile and household goods from the Estate of Paul G. Morgenstern in my capacity as Personal Representative. The manner in which you organized buyers and completed all transactions, including wall-to-wall removal within 48 hours, was truly remarkable. Your service went far beyond my expectations and the proceeds from the sale were paid with equally exceptional accuracy and promptness. You are the quintessential professional and I feel very fortunate in having had you as an agent for liquidation, especially since I was able to be in Phoenix for only a limited time. 

Although this letter of appreciation is belated, it in no way diminishes the sincerity and gratitude I feel for you personally and professionally. You have my approval to use this letter as a reference document with other families that might be requiring similar services from you and your organization.

Stephanie Sherman Personal Representative for the Estate of Jonathan B, Metzger

I usually don’t take time to write letters of appreciation as time is at a premium. However, I felt compelled to tell you how grateful I am for the services you provided to me during this unthinkable and nearly unbearable time of my life.

No mother or father should have to bury their son or daughter, yet that is my life story today. The additional burden or as I have come to reframe it think of it as an ‘honor’, of taking care of JB’s personal material assets, was made more bearable and manageable thanks to your services. Having had no prior experience in estate management, you were there to guide me through the process. Your calm, informative manner helped me to stay calm during this time of so much uncertainty. You did what you said you would do when you said you would do it with no prompting from me. I see that as professionalism and integrity. It’s amazing to me to see how little integrity is around these days making my experience with your firm all the more valuable.

If I were to ever find myself in an estate management position again, I would undoubtably call upon your firm to assist me.

You can have prospective customers call me at any time for a reference.

I remain grateful for the quality and timeliness of your work and the compassionate manner with which you do it.

Bill and Selma Opie Phoenix, AZ

It is now almost six months since we moved from Scottsdale, Arizona. We were in a stressful situation. My husband’s health was declining rapidly and our children were urging us to return no San Diego where they could be more supportive in our ‘circumstances. A neighbor, who had heard of their services, referred us to FINE ESTATES.

 Jim Friend was indeed an ally in our emergency. Jim researched and evaluated the possessions that we would no longer be able to house in smaller quarters: He discussed their value and was direct in his estimation of costs and Jim tended and packed items carefully and kept us up to date as each item was sold.

My husband and I appreciated the kindness and dignity with which he handled our collectables, paintings, and fine china items. I can enthusiastically recommend FINE ESTATES to you when you have the need to move, or want to place your valuables in the hands of people who will treasure them as you do.

Hall Porchetta Hartland, WI

I received the settlement statement and check. Thank you very much. Feel free to use the following testimonial: I'd like to recommend Jim Friend and Fine Estates for his estate liquidation service. I sold a vacation home in Fountain Hills, and the closing date was five weeks away. I needed to find a way to sell all of the contents of the furnished, four bedroom home. I was still in Wisconsin, and my realtor gave me Jim's name. I called Jim and he met with my realtor to review the contents of the house that needed to be sold. Jim and I didn’t actually meet until a few days before the sale, when I returned to Arizona to remove some personal items from the house. We were able to communicate everything by phone I thought that trying to empty the house would be a long, arduous process, but Jim made it simple and pain free. Jim sold everything in the house, and left the house spotless when he left. I received the settlement statement and check the next week. I highly recommend Jim for his professionalism and experience.

Jacki Read and Barbara Evans Scottsdale, AZ

l just wanted to say thank you again for all that you did for us. When our mom passed away in February we were overwhelmed with grief and at that had to be done. She liked her stuff and had a lot of it. After the family took what they wanted we weren't sure what to do with the rest. It was too good for a yard sale. When we found you in the yellow pages it was our answer. The first time that we met you we really liked you and felt we could trust you to take care of what was left of mom's. We really appreciate how you handled everything for us. If you ever have a potential client who has questions or concerns and we can be of any help to them, please have them call us. We would be more than happy to speak with them.

Our mom would have liked you and that you took good care of the selling of her jewelry.

Jacquie Eagenschief Phoenix, AZ

Thank you so very much for handling my mother’s estate in Phoenix. It was not very large but you accepted the job and handled it all very well.

Being able to return home to Tennessee and let you take over was such a relief. For all that you did including closing-up the apartment, we cannot thank you enough.

We wish you continued success with Fine Estate

Jim and Marene Gates Sun City, AZ

Confidence, hard worker, dependable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable describes Jim Friend of Fine Estates.  We were told this of Jim and found out all of the above to be true.  We would recommend him without the least equivocation.