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We are a complete personal property service, serving Arizona and beyond. We are passionately committed to help individuals, families, agents, and any representatives in the evaluation, sale, or appraisal of their personal property. With a background in antiques, fine silver, jewelry, and the decorative arts, we look forward to answering questions and offering solutions to the varying needs of estate and family matters. Contact us today for a free evaluation; it would be a privilege to meet you and help you sell your valued items.

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Estate Sales

One of the most effective means of evaluating and selling your personal-property, always taking into consideration the needs of the family, estate, or trust, as well as the priority of the personal-property sale in relation to the real estate sale requirements.

With Fine Estates and Antiques, Inc., The estate sale method can vary with the type of contents. We offer the following options with regards to the type of sales considered:

Public Estate Sale On-Site:

This method is performed on the residents/estate property, open to the public, advertised and marketed prior to the sale dates. All items are evaluated and tagged by our appraiser, and sold on a specific set of days.

This method usually works best with a larger amount of sell-able contents, containing: designer-name or vintage modern furniture, accessories, and clothing items. Outdoor furniture and objects, as well as vehicles, full garage contents, and lawn equipment can also benefit from this type of sale process. Current and trendy items are a good addition to this method.

Public Estate Sale Off-Site:

This method is performed away from the residence, and our secured facility, open to the public, advertised and marketed prior to the sale dates. All items are evaluated, and tagged by our appraiser, and sold in a specific set of days. This method usually works best with decorative arts such as: silver, fine art, jewelry, collectibles, small or designer name furniture and accessories and unique pieces.

Private Estate Sale On-Site/Off-Site:

This method has gained popularity over the last decade, serving many gated communities, private neighborhoods, limited parking areas, and families that prefer less traffic and exposure to their home. This sale method is performed on a “by appointment only” basis, on a well-advertised and marketed day, or set of days. This method can also be extended to a week or even weeks if determined necessary to facilitate the proper exposure to the personal-property being sold. All items are properly evaluated, and a master inventory list is created by our appraiser for the sale. Designer, vintage modern, vintage collectible, sterling silver, jewelry, vehicles, and fine art can all benefit from this method. This is also a better method for hard to access homes, and homes not in the best condition for heavy public traffic. This sale comes with a built-in ability to work in coordination with the liquidation and or hoarding situation.

Purchase Contents Out Right:

This method is also a very helpful method when the seller would rather not have any type of public or private sale, prefers to sell everything at one time, or needs to have the contents removed quickly to aid the listing and sale of the real estate, or other related needs. The amount of the sale purchase offer is detailed from careful and experienced evaluation, and can include 100% of the remaining specified personal-property if needed by the seller. The labor, packing, and removal of said contents will be included in the offer to purchase. This is not a method with a “fire-sale” mentality, but is considered a very good method to still gain good value for their property in a much more timely and efficient manner. There is a major benefit to this process, higher valued items such as jewelry, silver, vehicles, etc. will not be subject to the normal commission fees that a sale process would include.

 Antique & Decorative Art Collections

We specialize in the purchase or consignment of distinctive collections that have a good "value" potential. Examples of collection categories could be the following:

  1. Fine Silver and Jewelry
  2. Fine and Decorative Art (mostly listed, known artists)
  3. Folk Art (especially vintage or antique)
  4. Asian or Ethnographic
  5. Native American Jewelry and Textiles
  6. Vintage Modern Furniture and Accessories
  7. Any and all other unique considerations.

Estate Sale Fee Schedule

Fine Estates’ works on a contract-commission basis in regards to Public/Private Estate Sales, as well as consignments of special collections. Every estate has a unique set of personal property, labor, and related needs and circumstances. We evaluate each estate based on that criteria, and give a competitive rate of commission that will include a normal amount of labor and expenses consistent with most estates.

Average Estate Sale Commission range: 25-35%
Specialty Collections/High-end single items: (Including individual items over $5,000) 15-25%
Packing/Transport expense for off-site sales: Flat fee

There are some estates that require an extensive amount of trash removal and/or labor time. This work is evaluated in advance of the agreement, and the additional fees or structure of fees are included in the contract-agreement. This is especially true for larger estates, “hard-to-handle” estates, and hoarder or neglected homes.

Additional Labor expenses (based on time): Flat fee
Commercial Dumpster Expense: (determined by size & location) $200-400/ea.


What is the value of my personal property? How much is all of this worth?

These questions are asked almost every day. The need to understand "Value" is an important thing in making decisions regarding family and Estates. The appraisal process can be a helpful part of this process, but not always necessary. Here are the services offered in relation to the appraisal process:

1) Verbal evaluation: This includes the on-sight observation and estimate of Fair Market Value, or Retail(Insurance) Replacement Cost Value of any viewable personal property that doesn't require additional research. This is a "verbal-only", non-certified range of value given to the client. The cost to evaluate is done on a hourly fee basis, and many items can normally be accomplished in short time. *Added research can be accomplished for an additional hourly fee, to be mutually agreed upon.

2) Written Appraisal: This service offers detailed observation, research, photography, and written report under the standards set forth by the GPPA training and education designation obtained by the Fine Estates' Appraiser. The work accomplished, is USPAP-compliant (Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice). The Appraisal takes all Estate needs, Limiting Conditions, and Certification Statements into consideration. This service is performed on a flat fee or hourly basis, whichever is determined the most applicable and fair to the client's needs.

Hoarding & Neglected Homes:

These type of homes will require their own unique process. Homes with contents and persons in great need, are evaluated carefully and thoughtfully by our appraiser, and then a determination is made how best to move forward. Hoarding, foreclosures, short sales, or “neglected” homes can be examples for this sale process. Many times, there will need to be a series of sale methods used, including a period of trash removal, excessive labor days, followed by a private sale or off-site sale process. The best combination of methods will be employed, to remove, and or sell 100% of the contents, meet the needs of the family/seller, and obtain the best results.



SALE:     Saturday, Feb. 24th,  2018  Dealer Day…Resale Only!

Calendar of Events 

Upcoming Sales Date Highlights  Gallery
Dealer Day Sale!
Resale business
and dealers only!
15525 N. 83rd way,
Suite #B-5, Scotts.
Feb. 24th, 2018
9:00a.m. – 12:00p.m.

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19th & 20th cent.
furniture & access.
Ethnographic, old
copper collection,
designer access.’s,
all types art/jewelry
Mexican ceramics,



Upcoming Sales Date Highlights  Gallery
Biltmore Estates’
 Coming in March 2018!
Biltmore Estates’
 Coming in March 2018!
Biltmore Estates’
 Coming in March 2018!



Dealer Day


Dealer Day


Quarterly Sale Day For Resale Customers Only!

           ***(February, April, September, and November 2018)***

Next Sale Date:  Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Fine Estate’s Invites all Resale Individuals and business owners for a sale of the most current Estate merchandise accumulated in that month. Some of the categories of Estate contents could be antiques, vintage modern,  designer contemporary, silver, jewelry, artwork, sculpture, textiles, pottery, glassware, leather, vintage & designer clothing,  accessories, collectibles, and more……

Whatever we purchase from the Estates in that month, will be available for you to buy on just One Day Only. You can shop in a Private Setting without the public house traffic. Our office building and warehouse offers a perfect
setting for a private sale and we look forward to working with you, and developing on-going business…See you at the next Dealer Day!

Please remember to bring a copy of your Az. Transaction Privilege Tax
License(T.P.T.L.), and Arizona Form 5000.

AZ Form 5000A


The history of how Fine Estates and Antiques, Inc., also known as “Fine Estates”, became what it is today, is essentially a story of a hobby becoming a passion becoming a vocation. Founder and CEO Jim Friend had a vision for an antique business with a gallery that he could have as his own, as he particularly had a vivid interest in 17th-20th century antiques. In the mid 90's, this vision came to fruition in the form of a store called “Estate Gallery”, where pieces from private estates were purchased and then sold in this gallery.

As he pursued this young business, he began to learn the type of market that he was up against. With his family, he looked into the auction world, antique exhibitions, and dealer interaction which covered basically all types of the retail and wholesale genre. Adapting to local market conditions and an ever-changing antique business, the need for a different location with more exposure came in the late 90's; “Estate Gallery” moved from the well-known 32nd Street and Lincoln Drive location above the Biltmore area, to a larger Scottsdale Road and Thomas gallery-showroom.

This experience in retail called for an evolution in how to go about the future estate service. The family sold the gallery to the notable “Barrett-Jackson” auction family, and decided to seek out the auction side of the business full-time. Taking over a small, well-known local estate auction in Scottsdale proved to be a quick success, grabbing the attention of a larger, well-known Canadian house desiring to merge the two into an all-encompassing service.  Before the 3rd anniversary of the auction company, came an unexpected, but prosperous sale of the auction business, opening the door for what seemingly was always meant to be an Antique and Personal Property service.

Mr. Friend obtained his valuable “GPPA” (graduate personal property appraiser) license, “NAA” (National Auctioneer’s association) auctioneer’s license, followed by the a unique “CES” (certified estate specialist) certification to further his knowledge of how to correctly handle estates. Through all the transition, the growing need for an all-encompassing personal property estate sale business was becoming more evident.

Evidence for competent, integrous appraisal practice was a glaring component, and Mr.Friend found the solution in more education with “USPAP” (Uniform Standard Professional Appraiser’s Practice) compliancy. This additional work, gave him the ability to offer written USPAP-compliant appraisals of personal property to all estate representatives, trustees, lawyers, home owners, banks, and fiduciaries.

With the door of options for estate service opening wider, the idea for the “Fine Estates and Antiques, Inc.” of today was born. The desire to help people correctly and efficiently appraise, evaluate, and/or sell their personal property was made possible through this company, opening the doors just prior to year 2000. With already having years of estate work under his belt, the many other areas of service began, including: special collections, trusts, assisted living transitions, probate, divorce, down-sizing, foreclosure, short-sales, and hoarding are the range of focus for Fine Estates' services. Later, as the business grew, clientele including real estate agents, professional organizers, antique dealers, bankers, lawyers, home owners, assisted living companies, and individuals all have become the recipients of service.

Looking forward, Jim Friend continues to look for ways to grow his company, extend his resources, and ultimately to help people deal with their personal property in the best way possible. The service has been, and will continue to be built on a personal, referral-based network of relationships developed over a period of time.

Designations / Affiliations

Graduate Personal Property Appraiser (GPPA)
Certified Estate Specialist (CES)
Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)
Fully licensed and insured in the State of Arizona
Coldwell Banker
iSearch Decor Home Services
Keller Williams Realty
Better Business Bureau Member

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